The Bijapur Liberal District Education Association (BLDEA) was established in 1910. Founded by philanthropists and visionaries par excellence, who foresaw the tremendous scope and significance of education in North Karnataka region, the BLDE Association has emerged as one of the foremost charitable associations in Karnataka. Shri B. M. Patil, a renowned statesman, was one of the most notable custodians of the Association. The BLDE Association has honed and nurtured 75 educational institutions catering to the following streams;

  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Computer Sciences
  • Business Management
  • Education Technology
  • Law
  • Commerce
  • Basic Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Fine Arts
  • Women’s Literacy
  • Horticulture
  • Sericulture, etc.

These 75 institutes can be classified as follows:

1.      High Schools, Pre University Colleges

2.      Degree Colleges in Arts, Commerce and Science

3.      Medical College

4.      College of Pharmacy

5.      Engineering College

6.      College of Nursing

7.      College of Education

8.      College of Fine Arts

9.      Polytechnic

10.    Hospital & Research Centre

11.    College of Business Administration

12.    Management Education College

13.    Computer Applications College

With a dedicated staff exceeding 1300 in number, the BLDE Association at present, offers world-class education to over 25,000 students at its sprawling campuses, replete with all the modern, state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

Continuing its tradition of educational development and advancement, the BLDE Association has established the autonomous ‘BLDE University’. For the BLDE Association, it is a gigantic stride in terms of offering more customized and specialized educational programs to thousands of talented future professionals, gaining knowledge at its campuses.