Director’s Desk

Dr Chidanand G Byahatti
Drirector (Incharge)

If one casts a look at the academic, professional and service-oriented careers across the world, one would definitely find management education and management profession the most important and equally challenging. The very face of the world is changing in view of globalization and the techno-scientific resolution. We have been the members of a “global family” competition, research, challenges and continuous a breasting with changing trends, are the characteristic features of the new found global academic culture. Such being the scenario, naturally the students and the parents interested in medical education would be scouting such academic bodies that would ensure a grand treasure of knowledge, a faculty that would strive hard to quench the unstable knowledge thirst of the students, an infrastructure that is unique, inspiring and imposing, a campus, the very ambience of which would be deeply enchanting, the hostels that would be the hubs of peer group activities and a quality instruction that would match the best offered in the most renowned institutions of the world.

We, in the B.L.D.E A’s MBA Programme, promise all these and much more, our academic canvas glitters with the most brilliant colours. Be a part of it, join us.